Signs you are miserable at work (and it’s time for a new job)

We all get a little bummed out when our weekend is coming to a close. That’s normal. And not necessarily a sign that you hate your job.

Here are some big indicators that you’re miserable and it’s time to find a new job…


10. You’ve shifted from the “how can I contribute” mindset to “they owe me!” mindset.
(Feeling a little too entitled to sick days, paper clips, printing out resumes at the office, etc.)
9. You’ve become a “yes man”, just to avoid additional conversations/debate/interaction with your boss
8. You’ve forwarded your work phone to your cell phone under the guise of “always being available”. And never come into the office anymore.
7. You’re overeating- or smoking – because lunchtime and breaks are your only respite.
6. You’ve taken more mental health days than actual sick days. (my favorite: You call in sick, saying you have an earache, knowing adults don’t usually get earaches. And don’t care.)
5. You complain every night to your partner/friends/family.  And you sense they are getting tired of hearing about it.
4. You feel like a phony at work (not phony like a ‘fraud” – that’s another blog, link it… which is totally normal for overachievers.)
“Phony” meaning you don’t authentically connect to others at work. They seem to all be operating at a frequency that you just can’t access. It might be your bullshit detector is beeping so loudly. These people are probably not your tribe. Or you may have stopped believing in the mission statement of the company. If the dynamic with other co-workers rings false, get the f*ck out!
3. When someone asks you what you do, you say (with some shame and discomfort) “it’s too boring to bother with” and then quickly suggest talking about something more interesting.
2. You are drinking a bottle of wine every night during the work week.
1. You fantasize about getting in a car accident on the way to work. One that won’t hurt you too badly but will at least put you in the hospital and cause you to miss a few days of work. (my true story)

Special TEACHER edition:
When someone accidentally leaves 100 textbooks in your truck, mistaking the vehicle as someone else’s, and when you see those stacks of books, you lose it b/c it’s one more reminder of the job you hate, and it’s keeping you from escaping as quickly as possible. And so you decide to throw the textbooks all over the parking lot, then reverse over the books, with tires squealing…also ensuring other teachers will have to run them over or move them out of the way in order to drive home. This is a big flag that you are probably miserable and need to find a new job.

Sometimes we need to experience what we DON’T WANT before we can get clear on what we DO want.


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