Buzz Feed Quizzes: Accurate or Aspirational?

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Why are Buzzfeed quizzes so damn addictive? is it because they stoke our narcissism?  They are, after all,  questions and answers solely about ourselves (the thinking man’s selfie?).  Are these quizzes simply time wasters?  Or can we actually learn something about ourselves?  And how accurate are the algorithms?

According to Buzzfeed…

I am a deep and emotional person and my sex life reflects that. CHECK. I’m all about making a connection and you don’t waste your time on non-sense. OH BUZZFEED, IF ONLY YOU’D KNOWN ME IN MY TWENTIES. (Quiz: can we guess your sex life? Answer: sensual sex life).

I am incredibly smart (ASPIRATIONAL?), and have got sass for days. CHECK.  I take big risks which can involve breaking the rules for the greater good and above all, I’m about justice.  CHECK. (Quiz:  Which Law and Order SVU ADA are you?  Answer: Alex Cabot, Thank you very much)

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I should trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean into my own understanding (Quiz: what is your life – bible -verse? Proverbs 3:5).  So head follows heart. CHECK.

I have Butterfly Wings! (I DO? COOL!)  Butterfly Wings represent transformation and inspiration, motivating yourself and others to evolve and grow throughout the span of a given lifetime. ASPIRATIONAL. (Quiz: What kind of wings do you have? Answer: Butterfly Wings)

If I’d lived in the 50s, my occupation would have been a housewife. UGH. Really?

This one felt the most right on. Now I gotta figure out how I can move to New Zealand (and apparently be a housewife!). Thanks a lot, Buzzfeed.

Quiz: Which country in the world fits your personality?

Answer: New Zealand

new zealand

you are an adventurous individual who enjoys being outdoors and spending time being active. You are a risk taker and have no problem striking up a conversation with a total stranger. When you travel you love to get to know the locals, and their customs, and are always up for a challenge. You thrive in a culture where others share your deep appreciation for land, and believe life is best lived outdoors. You love a hard hike, but also love the water and are happy to spend a day beach side. You thrive in a society with diversity and appreciate a simpler way of living. You are keen on learning about cultures and customs that are different than your own, and enjoy a deep conversation, whether it be philosophical or spiritual. You are not a city dweller by any means, and definitely believe that life is something to explore and experience firsthand. This country gives you endless opportunities to live both an active lifestyle and enjoy the company of new found friends.

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