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I am a Martha Beck® Certified Coach; I consult on behalf of clients with an emphasis on career / leadership (+ personal growth) acceleration. Because the professional is always personal.

My twitter bio says: “Badass adjacent. Some days I crush it. Most days, I’m just human.” That pretty much sums it up. In other words, I’m not perfect, but I will work my ass off for you. I’ve, proudly, been a coach, consultant and counselor since 2014.

I spent the previous 17 years in media/advertising sales, so I’m well-versed in what it takes to get promoted, how to lead, how to succeed individually & on a team. Caveat: my best learnings were through mistakes and missteps!


There are times in our lives when we need additional support to grow in the right direction.

  • Overwhelming, confusing transitions (including getting your dream job or big promotion)
  • Times you are contemplating making change (career change, relationship evolution, big milestones)
  • Times of crisis or forced change (job loss, divorce, death of a loved one)

My practice is an empathetic and actionable support to help you make pro-active, tangible change. Simply put, I’ll supply the motivation for you to “go for it.” And if you don’t know what your “it” is, we’ll discover that together!

Maybe you are considering changing careers, or you are struggling as a newly promoted leader. Maybe you feel stuck, but are having trouble articulating why. If the old ways of coping aren’t working & you want to examine your life in a new way, schedule a free consultation.

more about my practice & pricing ...

Utilizing the skills of a Coach is an opportunity to create and implement a new way of life. 

One that embraces your unique contribution to the world. One that is free of fear.  One that feels like coming home.

After a free 20-30 minute initial consultation, you can choose a package of sessions (see pricing below). In these (1) hour sessions, we’ll openly explore your goals, desires & fears. The only expectation is a willingness to wonder, what if. From there, we’ll develop your customized plan, designed for your individual purpose and fulfillment.

Our sessions can be over Skype or the phone, or if you are in the Portland, OR area, in person.

Packages & Pricing:

Brand Positioning package:

This package focuses on developing your personal brand to best position yourself in the competitive work environment and in life. This work is an opportunity to solidify your leadership style. The emphasis will be on emotional intelligence, harnessing your natural energy, and building self-confidence. In no time, you’ll command rooms and slay dragons. $1399.  Includes: 8 sessions, 2 bonus 15 minute “911” sessions, and regular email/text communication between sessions.

Career Advancement package:

Lean in. Bail Out. Climb the Ladder or is it a Jungle Gym? It doesn’t matter. This package is all about getting where you want to go at work, more quickly. More passion, more freedom, more money. $1199. Includes: 6 sessions and email/text communication between sessions.

OTO (One Time Only) package:

This is not for the faint of heart. This is for the self-motived and self-directed. We dig in deep, fast. You’ll share a bit about your current situation, and from there, I’ll give you my unfiltered “tough love” recommendations + a set of tools you’ll utilize on your own, moving forward. $325. Includes: 1 (hour & :30 minute) session.

The foundation of each of these packages is the same: the courage and desire to change. Change yourself and you inevitably change your situation. But it takes guts to grow.

To ensure accountability + progress and maximize success, your package must be utilized within a 3 month window.

If you can’t shake the feeling that where you are just isn’t where you’re meant to be, let’s talk. And it’s all good news, by the way; having a healthy, humbling uncertainty about what steps to take is simply the beginning of what’s next.

Here’s a bit more about my Coaching philosophy: I believe we each have an individual purpose here on this planet; yet we are inextricably connected to each other. This means we have a responsibility to ourselves and each other. It also means we don’t have to go it alone. Even though it can sometimes feel like the weight & the pain is all ours to bear; support shows itself in miraculous, unexpected ways.

The highest intention of my work is to empower clients to evolve the current value proposition (in business & in life) by more fully integrating our fluid feminine & masculine strengths (to be the best version of YOU.  Not someone else’s conception of you). That’s a fancy way of saying, I want to help “you be you, boo”.  And to examine what’s working and what’s not in the incumbent systems of business, government & moral authority. To prioritize more joy, more meaning, more success, through a balanced lens and with systems that support a new paradigm. A paradigm works for FOR ALL OF US, regardless of gender. I strongly believe when women have a more equal seat at the table, everyone will eat well.

I try to live a life of intention, which keeps me most aligned with joy and peace.

But don’t misunderstand me.

I’ve been disappointed, hurt, and at times badly shaken. The sheer joy and freedom of arriving on the other side of this darkness, back into the light, is what inspires me to help others with their own journey.



“Don’t think. It complicates things. just feel, and if it feels like home, then follow its path.” – R.M. Drake

professional development

Human Capital is the most precious resource a company has.  There are tons of stats about the high cost of rehiring & retraining vs. retention, so when considering the bottom line, it’s a no brainer to invest in your employees.  There is also a ton of research around happier employees being more productive employees.  Again, that bottom line!

One mutually beneficial way to invest in your employees is training.

Maggie Helm works with corporate teams across the country to support their employees’ growth, supplement their knowledge, elevate their experience and advance their passions. Helm Coaching turns employees into leaders.

Maggie is available to coach individual employees, and will develop a custom action plan based on shared goals of Management and Employee. Recent clients include Nike and Wieden + Kennedy.

She is also available to lead group workshops and facilitate your team’s professional development in the following Leadership areas:

  • Emotional Intelligence Acumen
  • Presentation, Communication & Negotiation
  • Women & Leadership
  • Personal Brand Positioning

All trainings are 3 hours in length. Each workshop includes team exercises like role-play, which encourage a growth mindset and teamwork. These interactive components are also an opportunity to apply and hone existing skills, along with newly acquired knowledge. In some instances, participants should expect to be videoed for additional development opportunities & feedback.

About the Facilitator: Maggie prides herself on being a “change agent” for individuals & organizations, and has been a career and leadership coach since 2014. Prior to launching Helm Coaching & Consulting, she worked in sales and marketing for 17 years. During her tenure at global media companies (ESPN, Disney, TBS and TNT), she managed talent, strategy & revenue.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are
inadequate. Our deepest fear is that
we are powerful beyond measure.”
– Marianne Williamson


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    Bad or Good? Light or Dark? It’s ALL in ALL of us.

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    When your Super Power becomes Kryptonite

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    My 6 year old niece recently said her "unique purpose" was LOVE. Kids, man. They say the darndest things. And it got me thinking that maybe that is EVERYONE'S purpose, but it simply presents in different ways by different people. Try to find an example of where this isn't true. (you can leave sociopaths and serial killer motivations out of this conversation, thank you very much). If someone invents something (i.e. the telephone), most likely the original intention wasn't…  read more
“I am incredibly grateful for what you pull out of me and encourage me to dig dip and push for within myself, as a coach. Coach isn’t even the right word to express what your role in my life has given me and led me to.” – Lauren, client


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